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István Szabó and
Dénes Kapitány


  I was born in 1964 in Érszentkirály in Szatmár county, Romania. I started my musical studies with learning the piano at the age of ten. In 1982 I completed my high-school education at the Industrial Secondary School in Nagykároly. I started to learn the organ in 1986 at Temesvár. In 1989 I obtained a mechanical engineer's degree at the Temesvár Technical University. After this I worked as an engineer for five years while I was studying organ playing at the Bartók Béla Vocational Secondary School of Music in Miskolc under the guidance of Endre Virágh and Gabriella Mátyus.

   From 1994 I continued my studies at the Liszt Ferenc Musical Academy in Debrecen in the class of Viola N. Molnár. In 1998 I gained a Degree of the Teacher of the Organ, and a Chambermusician Certificate. From 1999 I studied at the Department of Church Music of the Liszt Ferenc Musical University in Budapest, then from 2002 also at the Faculty of Organ, where I obtained a Degree of Church Music in 2002, and a Degree of the Artist and Professor of the Organ in 2004.
   My professor of the organ was István Ruppert at the Musical Academy.
At the moment I administer the office of the organist at the Lutheran Church in Nyíregyháza, and I also work as an organ and piano teacher at the Vikár Sándor Music School in Nyíregyháza.
   During my studies I took part in master courses of numerous famous teachers. A couple names from the list: Wolfgang Zerer, Bernhard Klapprott, Michael Belotti, Lorenzo Ghielmi, Zsigmond Szathmári (Germany), D. Titterington (England), H. Eckhardt Schlandt (Romania), Herbert Wulf (Hungary).